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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  February 1, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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>> call it a mystery on the golf course. how did a ball and up on an
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alligator pothead. a golfer snap this photo on the -- on anninth alligator's head. a golfer snap this photo on the ninth hole. the ball hit the ground and bounced onto the gator's head. ♪ oh-oh, oh, oh, la, la-la, la-la, la-la ♪ ♪ na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na some things just go together, like auto and home insurance. bundle them together at progressive, and you save big on both. ♪ oh, oh-oh, oh, oh hey, it's me! [ whistles ] and there's my dog! >> 24 hours from now things
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might look a little different outside. >> i can talk. storm watch late tomorrow night into early morning morning. highest chance for a cumulative snow is north and west of d.c. outside of the capital beltway. once that is out of your we will look for another system to move through late tuesday night into wednesday and then it will turn cold and finally, something else
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on the horizon. i was going to the library to do my homework.
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it took a lot of juggling to keep it all together. for someme low-income families, having broadband internet is a faraway dream. so we created internet essentials, america's largest low-cost internet adoption program. having the internet at home means she has to go no further than the kitchen table to do her homework. now, more than one million americans have been connected at home. it makes it so much better to do homework, when you're at home. welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. >> live from the abc seven
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broadcast center, this is abc 7 news saturday news extra. on your side. >> a day away from super bowl xlviii. it will prove to be one of the most closely secured events in u.s. history. federal, state, and local authorities work to keep everyone stay. we take a look at security preparation. eyes from the sky as f-16s and helicopters flying overhead. waters their metlife stadium, state police boats on patrol. outside, dogs sniff for bombs.
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securitysuper bowl presents a challenge for the region like no other. attendees,usands vendors, and players will converge on new york and new jersey. on friday, all of the preparation was put to the tent after seven suspicious packages containing white outer were delivered to nearby hotels. the substance was benign but the potential threat was very real. new york's new police commissioner spoke about what worries him most. >> as we saw in boston, the two brothers that conspired. >> for those heading to the game, security efforts will be front and center. fans will have to show a ticket to at hereto a -- adhere strict back policy. high-tech radiation and x-ray machines will scan every single
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one. with just a they left to go, it is super bowl mania. all that security is not damaging the excitement. >> enjoy every minute. >> soak it all up and watched the fellows walk away with the lombardi trophy. >> an accused serial robber is facing more than 230 years behind bars. police say he was caught on camera preying on businesses and pedestrians throughout downtown. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis has the surveillance video showing the attacks. as he orders to cupcakes at the chicago bakery. say he yanks out a handgun, switching his order to every dime in the register. >> i saw the gun and i was terrified. acted on impulse. >> something in me was saying,
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run, run, run. >> he snagged a second clerk and forced her to open the register with a gun pressed to her neck. >> he could've pulled the trigger. >> he also robbed a man outside a beer and wine store before holding up a bp station. glenn -- gunreled is clearly visible in the former convict's right-hand. he can then be seen tossing the clerk a shopping bag which he feels with money and cigarettes. be locked up. >> it is something that has affected me a lot. i don't feel safe and it is just bad.
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>> kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> a strange offer from the national institutes of health. someone was to pay you to get the flu.
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>> virginia psychiatric care facilities would help -- would have more time to help people suffering from mental health problems. patients could also be held for 72 hours instead of the current 48. the task force was organized deeds24-year-old gus stabbed his father before taking his own life last november. he was sent home when no room could be found in a mental health facility. to what is being called a strange offer to -- offer from the national institute help -- institute of help. they're offering $3000 to anyone who will get the flu. butne likes getting the flu
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they are hoping to find dozens of volunteers to volunteer to do -- $3000.rice >> absolutely. i have a price for everything. $3000 sounds very fair for that. >> volunteers would be koran teed at building 10 at the nih campus for at least nine days and infected with a mild to moderate state ash strain of the -- mild to moderate strain of the h1n1 flu virus. >> in this setting we know exactly how they were exposed, when they became infectious, how infectious they are, and we can monitor every single part of the immune system's response a we can learn what we need to learn. once they have already had one batch of 24 volunteers through and learned that most people have the flu days before any symptoms. most have it on average 5-6 days. more volunteers are needed for future studies but who would do ask. depends on who you
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>> it is pretty bad, but $3000 makes it intimately -- infinitely more tolerable. i have been two nih and it is not exactly the motel 6. for $3000 i would do it. publishtists plan to the results from the previous study in a few months. they're looking for healthy people between the ages of 18 and 50. there was a second event in maryland. are we in for a warm-up? dear future olympian,
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one day you'll be standing on a podium. and here's exactly how you'll get there. you'll work hard, and you'll fall hard. you'll lose sometimes when you really should have won. you'll win sometimes when no one thought you had a shot. and you'll never, ever stop. we know this. because you're one of us. at citi, we believe in everyone's potential, which is why citi and evan are giving back to community sports programs to help future athletes every step of f the way. >> special olympics maryland is
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rescheduling its annual polar bear plunge to march 8. it was canceled beef -- because of weather. one polar bear plunge did go on as scheduled at sandy point stake -- state park. it was canceled because strong currents pose a safety concerns. after round of the bitter cold weather is taking its toll on people in our region. it is not just the roads and our cars that are showing signs of fatigue. it is also our emotions. horace holmes explains. >> it has been cold, windy, and
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gray. >> i'm counting down to springtime. >> seasonal depression is real and getting to a lot of us. blues orhe winter depression, psychologists say it is, in this time of year when there are fewer hours of sunshine but lots of bitter cold that keep folks endorse. -- indoors for long periods of time. >> it makes everyone of my house a little crazy. >> ask a mother of young children. there are few opportunities to burn of injury. -- burn off energy. she says she had to get at least one of them some exercise today. >> we are getting there. people from california try to
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shake up the cabin fever. >> despite the cold today is a great day to come out. >> and the pandas, especially the new baby, did not disappoint. for all the winter gloom outdoors, for these folks for a few moments, went away. >> horace holmes, abc 7 news. >> there is a lot of stuff in the forecast to give you. here is one silver lining. we are one month away from the urological spring -- meteorological spring. >> my parents are watching and my mom sent me a text. it said, at least you look good. >> nice. >> 11:50 at night. the temperature is 45 degrees at reagan national airport. no wind chill to worry about. 53 degrees was the high earlier.
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the average for this time of year is 44 degrees. the record is 77 setback and 20,002 -- 2002. a high earlier of 52 and made it up to 50 degrees. wind just around three mile per hour. 43 at silver spring. looking at the water view, 36 in winchester. we are not going to drop a whole go through the night. clouds will continue to increase for the day tomorrow. the cold front moves our way and stalls just to the south and will get aspressure big chance for rain. it changes over to snow tomorrow night and into tomorrow morning -- monday morning. just in time for the rush-hour commute. nothing out there like that tonight. tomorrow will be a good deal of sunshine and and the clouds
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continue to increase. the national weather service has .xtended the winter storm watch it starts at 11:00 tomorrow night and extends through the overnight hours into early monday. it is from charleston, west virginia all the way to the bc metro but does not and clued -- a d.c. metro but does not include the metro area. we had temperatures today in the lower 50's. tomorrow will be again in the 50's. the ground temperature will be quite warm. but should move on through the colder air is going to interact to help change everything over to snow. i think it will probably happen the morning rush hour commute north and west of d.c., outside the beltway. that does not mean you will not see any snow in the district, or for that matter in prince george's county. more than likely you will. we could see 1/4 of an inch or so. that is the thinking right now. a lot can change between now and then. we will keep you updated through the day tomorrow.
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here's a look at the forecast for tonight. temperatures are around 33-38 degrees. 50-55 degrees. it is going to feel like spring. kendis, looks good -- looks good. as quickly as a system arrives, it is out of here. by monday afternoon another area of low pressure tuesday night into wednesday, and then another potential system by friday. a busy, busy week ahead. we will keep you updated. >> coming up, another powerful name in washington admits to watching the hit drama "kindle." -- "kindle." can you see us? are you there?
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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his rigorous performances at new york's at madison square garden. -- kicked off his rigorous performances at new york's madison square garden. ♪ >> the grammy award-winning singer says he will perform at the venue every month for as long as new yorkers want him. perform sold-out shows until at least september. looking for some romance this super bowl weekend? go to the movie theater. arch campbell has a review of "labor day."
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brolin's unlikely romance headlines new movies this week. >> he was kind enough to offer me a ride. brolinped murderer josh forces kate winslet and her son to hide him in "labor day." once inside, he was hurt on finance, fixing things around the house, paying attention, and cooking, including a peach pie scene that might make you squirm with delight. >> they have dogs that can smell your blood. escapee brings life to a depressed mother and her son. it had some of the same chords of "ghost" and "the shawshank redemption." it builds to a better-than-expected conclusion. i will give it two and a half store -- stars out of four,
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except 30 minutes out of the theater you will laugh at yourself for buying this. hustlears for "american ," "gravity," and "12 years a slave." three stars for "lone survivor." almost 34 "labor day." two stars for "willful vaulter he." have a nice weekend. i am arch campbell, abc seven entertainment. >> former president bill clinton has admitted to watching "scandal." first lady michelle obama says that she is completely hooked. she said she had not watched the series until she flew to hawaii for the holidays. she said she watched every season during that long flight.
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she says she loves kerry washington and calls her amazing. the show returns february 27 right here on abc seven.
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